Timothy Bennett Architect Portrait

Design Philosophy

I believe that when the structure and logic of a building are subconsciously understood there is a sense of ease. I try to design a simple building with a form that seems inevitable in its setting, using strong familiar symbolic elements. The pleasure of a building is further enhanced by the carefully designed details of which it is composed. The interior is uplifting, exciting and light-hearted. I also design for energy conservation, passive solar gain, toxicity and scarcity of resources.


Designing is done by hand with pencils, coloured crayons and loads of tracing paper. I like to share scribbles with my clients and I try to fix nothing too soon: the solution must be fluid until everything is sorted out; and often the design drawings are prepared in a soft and changeable manner. The thoughts are more important than the drawings! I explain my ideas carefully to the planning authorities at an early stage, and we usually work very well together.

Technical drawings and specifications are produced on computer in a hard, precise, disciplined and exact manner. I detail everything. Contract administration forms are computerized.


I prepare a very thorough and fully detailed set of drawings and specification at tender stage and deviate as little as possible from these. Time spent at this stage will avoid escalating costs and delays later. Building construction is organized using one of two methods: either a contractor is selected at design stage from a budget estimate and then the contract is negotiated as the information develops; or my client becomes the Contractor and I help him run the building works using tradesmen and materials hired or supplied by him.

Education And Experience

I studied architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and the Kingston School of Art. I have a Diploma in Architecture, and am a Registered Architect. Over the years I have won or been placed in a number of competitions. In 2009 one of my houses was featured on Grand Designs and I was short listed for Eco House of the Year. In 2010 I was short listed for House Architect of the Year in the Building Design Architectural Awards. I serve on the Architects Panel for three Local Authorities.